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Alessandro Del Piero [1993 - 2012]

Posted: 2010 01 29 4:16 pm
by Powis

Alessandro Del Piero
gimes 9 lapkricio 1974 ( 6 metai)
Gimimo vieta: Conegliano, (TV), Italija
Ūgis: 1.73 m
Numeris 10
Juventus zaidzia nuo 1993- suzaides virs 600 rungtyniu ir imuses 262 ivarciu

laimejes seria A čempionu titulus 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005 ir 2006(pastarasis del skandalo buvo anuliuotas)
laimejo 1996 cempionu lygos taure,zaide 1997,1998 cempionu lygos finale
laimejo 1996 tarpkontinentine taure

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Posted: 2010 04 20 9:17 pm
by Powis
Alexas su Federeriu :)

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Posted: 2010 09 03 6:38 pm
by Powis

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Posted: 2010 09 13 6:36 pm
by Powis
Fenomeno :heart:

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Posted: 2010 09 13 8:43 pm
by V3ln1as
povilui jau rasiau, kazkaip susimasciau video paziurejes, kokiu bankiu sitas vyrukas yra primushes... tai kazkas nerealaus. 17 metu...

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Posted: 2010 09 13 9:37 pm
by Matas
Tą straipsnelį vėl norėčiau rekomenduoti draugui į Leisit? Jis jau net atskirą kategoriją sukūrė :)

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Posted: 2010 09 14 11:47 am
by Requiem
Imk ;)

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Posted: 2010 10 01 5:44 pm
by Powis

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Posted: 2010 10 01 5:45 pm
by Powis

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Posted: 2010 10 02 1:58 am
by Notorious
Kaip bus gaila, kai jis nuspres nebezaisti :(

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Posted: 2010 10 02 9:02 pm
by Powis
Po rungtynių su Man City mačo teisėjas iš Ispanijos E.Gonzalezas susitabdė Del Piero tunelyje ir pasakė, kad Kapitonas yra garbingas žaidėjas, sužaidė puikų mačą ir vos neįmušė nuostabaus baudinio. Po viso to teisėjas ištraukė iš kišenės raudoną kortą ir užrašė ‘Para Alex, grande.’ ir padavė Alexui tai kaip dovaną.


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Posted: 2010 10 02 9:20 pm
by Pinturicchio
Nerodo paveixlelio :D

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Posted: 2010 10 02 9:22 pm
by Powis
[quote=""Pinturicchio""]Nerodo paveixlelio :D[/quote]

Daba ok turi būt. ;)

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Posted: 2010 10 02 9:23 pm
by Pinturicchio

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Posted: 2010 10 10 6:27 pm
by Powis
Alexo pokalbis su fanais facebook tinkle. :heart:
Matheo: 10th October happens to be my birthday and on the same day 1998 you scored a brace vs Switzerland.
Capitano: Dear Matheo, happy belated birthday and for everyone who is celebrating his/her birthday on this special 10-10-10 day. It's also nice of you reminding me about the brace, that was some of my nicest memories of the Azzurri.

He then went on to reply to several repeated questions about his contract renewal

For everyone who is wondering and asking about my contract renewal, in all honesty, I'm pretty relaxed and calm concerning my contract, but I'm focusing now on our next fixtures, as for the rest of the problems, we'll let it when it's time comes.

Mindoto: Good morning Champ, is that really you chatting to us?
Capitano: Hi, yes that is me.

Paolo: Ciao Capitano, how is it to win a World Cup and also, toughest defender you ever faced.
Capitano: Winning the World Cup is a big achievement and there's no other way to win if you don't put everything you have on the field. As for the toughest defender, I can't pick one, they're too many.

Gianni: Do you want to return back to the Azzurri?
Capitano: I know I wont refuse an Azzurri come-back. It's about ambition.

Sandroni: Salut to the great champion, you ever thought what you would be doing after retirement?
Capitano: Never thought about it that's because I'm still close to the field.

Gianncarlo: Pinturicchio, how much do you miss L'Avvocato???
Capitano: I miss him very much that's because he was an extraordinary person.

Claudio: Capitano, are we going to win Scudetto?
Capitano: After what happened last season, whatever we are going to say will not make you feel positive or comfortable. I believe we have to work hard till the very end of the season and by then we can look at the standings and hopefully be proud of what we achieved. And this way, Juventus will be back 100% and there will be no limit for us.

Leonardo: Capitano, what's your favorite match you've seen from the stands?
Capitano: Lakers vs Boston NBA finals 2010 in LA

Monica: Hello Capitano, tell us how many pets do you own/have?
Capitano: I have a dog, 5cats, two aquariums and a small rabbit. Me and the family are attached to them.

Rafa: Ciao Capitano, what's your favorite car?
Capitano: Ciao Rafa, I still like (Lancia Delta HF Integrale), it has always been my favorite since I was a kid.

Iuliano: Capitano, I am an ex captain for Tigri Amaranto, yesterday we played a match and it ended 5-5, we conceded goal in the last seconds. However, you are a great Captain and I want to tell you even after 10years or when you will reach your 50 years old and still want to play Football, consider you have a free place here including a captain armband.
Capitano: Ciao Iuliano, in 10years remind me again and we will discuss this.

Sandro: What do you think of Zach as Japan coach?
Capitano: Zach is a great coach and person as-well. I wished him luck when he took over the Japanese NT and now it's time to congratulate him for the great win against Argentina.

Claudio: Alex, what do you usually do in your free time?
Capitano: Ciao Claudio, I play golf, surf the Internet(can't you see) , music, concerts and most importantly my kids.

Emanuel: Capitano, tell me what do you think of Moggi and Calciopoli?
Capitano: Goodmorning Emanuel, it's a topic I don't really like to think of. I think all of you know what I think of Calciopoli and the 29 Scudetti, I repeat, 29 Scudetti and you all know what I think of the previous Management and I prefer not to mention anything further or more.

Andrea: Ale, thank you for everything you gave to this Juventus throughout all these years, you brought every single Juventini pride and joy, you are a champions on and off the pitch, and also thank you for all the emotional goals you scored for Juventus.
Capitano: Andrea, thank you for this emotional words you just gave me.

Mario: You are here with us for an hour now, as a respect for the number 10, why don't you stay 10more hours???
Del Piero: It would be lovely, but I'm running out of time, will try to do it in the future.

Marco: Ciao Ale, can you give us a proof that it's you we are chatting to?
Ale: What do you want? Passport? or an Id?

It's time to leave you guys now, I had a great time, did not expect this much of questions and gathering, it was a wonderful morning, the good thing is that we wont have to wait another 1year to have a similar chat.